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Ask questions on web, social, and email
Simple dashboard for viewing real-time results
Sign up online and you're on your way
14 day free trial, $30/month for 1 user
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Standard features and more
Advanced dashboard and data visualization
Integrate the Cast SDK into your mobile app
$150/month for up to 5 users
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Pro features and more
Families of users and distribution channels
Campaign management advice from the Cast team
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Standard Package
Get Started Today
Our standard package is great for any small or mid-sized business that wants to connect with its fans. Sign up online and get started right away sharing questions on your website, in your email marketing, and on Facebook and Twitter. Create and post one of our four simple, visual questions—multiple choice, yes-or-no, 1-to-5 star, this-or-that—and see real time results come into the dashboard.
Delight Your Fans
Drive engagement with creative questions and get great feedback as often as you like. Whether serious queries about your business or fun, frivolous quizzes, your audience will engage more deeply with your brand and provide you with valuable feedback and insights you can act on. Create questions and send them out straight away to one or all of your channels or schedule them to go out at a later date. Sign up and post your first question today!
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Professional Package
Standard Features and More
Enjoy all of the Cast features in our standard package and get even more with our professional package. With the professional package, up to five members of your marketing and social media team will have access to Cast to create questions, deliver them, and track the results. Our professional package is intended for larger organizations, bigger brands, and smart teams that are looking to weave a new tool into their ongoing engagement plans with their fans.
Deeper Analysis and Integration
The professional package provides access to our advanced dashboard so digital marketing and social media team can slice and dice the real-time results of their Cast activities in a variety of ways. The professional package also unlocks the Cast mobile SDK so that you can integrate Cast into your brand’s mobile apps to push Cast questions right inside the mobile experience your brand has created.
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Enterprise Package
For Advanced Digital Marketing Teams
We appreciate that some customers will have a large vision for connecting Cast with digital marketing and customer engagement channels across brands, business units, and teams. Whether large sets of social media channels, complex audience engagement plans, distributed teams that require varying levels of access, or other complexities, we stand ready to help you integrate Cast into your existing tools and techniques so you can make the most of engaging your fans, reacting in real-time, and building insights over time. Just contact us and let’s discuss.
Tailored to Your Needs
Our team is experienced working with larger organizations and their agencies. We’ll make quick work of assessing your needs and helping you define how Cast can be woven smoothly into the lifecycles of engagement that you have with your audiences. Perhaps we feed results data into your dashboard, perhaps we trigger Cast questions based on a purchase event or perhaps we deliver questions to digital signage. We’ll explore most any use case with you. Get in touch and we’ll find the best way to let you get the most out of Cast.
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Cast Has You Covered

Cast can deliver for small businesses, enterprise customers, and anything in between. We’ll help you weave a new way to engage your audiences into your digital marketing, social media, and customer service plans. It’s simple to sign up and try us out. Get started today!

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