Ask your friends. Poll the world.

Cast is an iPhone app to poll friends privately or the world publicly.


Polling is fun again.

Another polling app? Not like this one. Cast is a dedicated mobile experience that is integrated with existing social networks and allows you to define your public or private audience size.

Free and open

Cast is free to download and use.
Connect with existing Facebook and Twitter accounts and ask/answer infinite questions.

Real-time results

Instead of noisy Twitter timelines and reliance upon question creators to reveal statistics, all users receive real-time feedback.


Cast includes notifications that keep you in the loop when someone answers your question or posts a question that you care about.

Craft the perfect question.

You'll have as much fun creating and sharing
the perfect question as your audience will answering it.

Four question types

Choose a structured question type including Multiple Choice, Yes/No, That-or-That photo compare or 5-star rating.

Public or private

Choose to share your question publicly with the world or privately amongst a chosen group of close friends or followers.


Add a photo

Add, crop and resize a photo to any question type for additional personalization or branding.

Question expiration

As the question creator, you can choose when a question ends; narrowing the feedback loop for final results.

Social sharing

Keep your exiting social circles engaged by sharing questions as you create. Non-iPhone users can view/answer questions through the web.

Make it public or private.

Share your question with the world to see how the public feels or make your inquiry more personal by selecting an exclusive group of friends from Twitter or Facebook.


Create open questions and accelerate your audience by sharing with existing networks on Twitter or Facebook.

Private people and groups.

For a more intimate experience, questions can be shared privately with one person or a group of people.

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A deeper level of
follower engagement

Cast allows brands and businesses to gain insight from real people. These results lower decision polarization since aggregated statistics are visible to all voters.


Fans are notified when your company posts a question, increasing the response rate and dependability of the data.

Full API data access

Contact Cast now to become a partner, which includes exclusive API data access for deeper reports and analytics.