Give fans a voice.
Cast lets businesses and brands create simple polls across web, email, social, and mobile channels. Real-time, crowdsourced results inform quick engagement and drive deeper insights over time.

Audiences love engaging with their friends and their favorite brands. They crave having their voices heard in their social circles. Cast lets them share opinions, connect with friends, and deepen loyalty with their favorite brands.


The Cast dashboard reveals the insights that allow you to respond to your fans quickly and to tailor marketing content and campaigns. Evaluate poll responses in each channel, review results across all channels, and slice and dice the trends over time.


The Cast platform offers four simple question types—yes or no, multiple choice, 5-star rating and this-or-that photo—to make it easy for brands to create questions and for audiences to share the results.


For even deeper integration, embed Cast in the brand’s iOS or Android mobile app, digital signage, and other platforms via the Cast SDK and trigger questions based on transactions, audience locations, activities, and other events.

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Fans of Cast

Cast has been helping brands engage their fans since 2014. You’re in good company with our team.

Fans can pick the uniforms for the next home game.

Students can share their favorite study spots on campus.

Shoppers can select the fall fashions they’d like to see on sale.

Attendees can give presenters speedy feedback on the fly.

Cast in Action

Cast can connect with the fans of many businesses and brands. On the web, in email, in social channels, and in mobile apps, there are myriad ways that Cast can deliver. How will you engage your fans?